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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on this monday morning. it's the 8th day of october, 2012. we've got a big columbus day crowd hanging out with us on rockefeller plaza. we're saying hello to them on a chilly day here but enjoying it very much. good morning, again. i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist in for matt, and coming up we haven't eaten a lot of polenta. we'll tell you how to get healthy. really good ideas and ways to add to your routine. a week long health and wellness plan. starting with really simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine. >> speak for yourself on the polenta.
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i had the bronzino. coming down, the next male model on "the price is right." male model, making a little bit of history, if you want to call it that. one of the hot topics we'll take on on "take 3." our special guest our good friend jason kennedy doing loose. >> is that the cabbage patch. >> look at that. male modeling. >> modeling a new gas range or a camper or whatever maybe in the showcase showdown. >> exactly, by amana. remember? and then also ahead, cupcakes. we went from health and now we're going to go to cupcakes. the stars of "d.c. cupcakes" will share some of their special recipes for halloween treats when we get started in a few minutes but first natalie morales with a check of the day's top stories. >> good morning, again. good morning, everyone. republican nominee mitt romney is tackling foreign policy in virginia today where he's calling for more assertive u.s. action in overseas conflicts. the obama campaign is dismissing the planned romney remarks calling the republican a quote
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unmitigated disaster on foreign policy. meantime, an infusion of cash for president obama came in sunday night at a star-studded fund-raiser in california. joking about his lackluster debate performance last week the president quipped that unlike the hollywood a-listeners the room he doesn't always perform flawlessly. voters in venezuela have re-elected socialist president hugo chavez for another six-year term. he's a longtime critic of washington. he defeated opposite leader henrique capriles amid growing frustration of crime, corruption and power outages. venezuela has the largest crude oil reserves. at least 20 new cases of fungal meningitis occurs as the deadly outbreak linked to steroid injection spreads to nine states and 91 people are now infected as the new england company that produced the injections widens the recall. the steroid is frequently used to treat back pain, and authorities say thousands of patients may have been injected with drugs from the affected
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facility. a mixed report on the state of security at one of the nation's busiest airports. screeners at newark liberty airport are only carrying out passenger pat-downs correctly some 16.7% of thevn@ time. the report from undercover tsa teams also found that screeners only take appropriate action on restricted items about 25% of the time, but screeners did get perfect scores on removing prohibitive items and displaying good listening skills. police believe a backpack and water bottle found sunday belonged to a 10-year-old denver-area girl missing since friday. >> we believe the backpack to be jessica's. >> reporter: the focus of the investigation into the disappearance of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway shifted on sunday after her backpack and water bottle were found roughly 15 miles away from her home. >> identifying that we believe it's her backpack is something that allows our investigation to
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focus and broadens and expands that investigation. >> if you see anything that you think is significant, get your attention. >> reporter: jessica's mother was the last to see her as she left for school on friday. her mother just finished her overnight shift and woke to discover her daughter had disappeared. >> if you got her, get her back to her parents. we would appreciate it. she's a beautiful wonderful little girl, and we want her back. >> if it was my child, i would want someone out here looking for my child. >> reporter: hundreds of people from jessica's colorado community joined the search over the weekend. >> a community out here right now that's pulling together to find every piece of evidence they can to get this girl back to her mom. >> reporter: jessica's father lives in missouri. her parents had been in court recently regarding her custody. however, police say at this point there is no person of interest in her disappearance. and an amber alert has been in effect for jessica since friday. the international space station is getting a special delivery from the u.s., an unmanned privately owned rocket and cargo capsule launched
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sunday night bringing some 882 pounds of food, clothing and other scientific supplies to the space station. perhaps the most anticipated item in the dragon capsule, a freezer containing chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream. nasa has turned to the private sector to supply the space station since the retirement of the space shuttle program last year. a spectacular crash caught on tape sent a california liquor store owner to the hospital. security cameras were rolling as the truck came crashing through the wall shattering shelves full of liquor bottles. the driver, who fled the scene, was tracked down and charged with driving under the influence. liam neeson's return as a retired cia officer drove the sequel "taken 2" to the top of the box office with 50 million in ticket sales. adam sandler's "hotel transylvania" was second place and "pitch perfect" was in third and now to maria larosa in for
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al and a check of the weather. >> it's election season and rock the vote, purina is donating $1 you do for pet partners program so go on america' all living in aramony, cats and dogs. look at these temperatures right now.x#m indianapolis at 37. look at oklahoma city. 33 degrees. you got down to 31 this morning. your earliest october freeze on record, and, of course, we are going to be below average in just about all those spots, even with the daytime, sunshine in some of these regions. look at washington. 17 degrees below the average. dallas 66 and 15 degrees below your average. you'll have to head out west to find any temperatures are a that are going to be above average. a good morning, a chilly day
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today. the high temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to upper 50s. the average high is 69. the clouds are going to be thickening up. rain late in the day, but dry for >> and that's your weather. savann savannah, back to you. >> maria, thank you. now it's time for today's "take 3" where we talk about stories that caught our attention and our special guest is jason kennedy practicing his dance moves all morning. jason, good morning. >> good morning. >> what are we going to talk about today, male models? >> may i lead off. >> please do. >> lead story, a male model on "the price is right" introduced for the first time, rob wilson of boston, a model and an actor, won a male model open casting
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call, 26 finalists competed. >> how did they get that name tag on him? that's going to hurt when they take it off. >> viewers voted online so rob gets a week-long gig on the game show. so they are famous for their models, jason, we know, that despite the better efforts of you and me. you didn't do it, but these guys, i don't know, what do you think? >> here's what i don't understand. i heard about this four or five months ago this, campaign. they did this online thing and narrowed it down from like 300 guys to 26. it's for a week. give the guy a full season, for crying out loud. why five episodes. >> i think it's time. time we see some men in there. give the ladies something to watch. >> and you would know this. what does it take to be a good spokes model? >> i don't know what you mean. >> jason kennedy has good socks. >> need good socks. >> on "the price is right" you're not a spokes model, just a model. so when the showcase showdown comes out you have to do that and reveal. >> it's completely sexist.
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>> way to take a turn. >> i don't want male models touching the plinko chips. >> i don't know what that means exactly. >> me either. >> i'm impressed you know about the plinko chips. >> plinko is a great game. do things online. put them through a series of challenges. there was writing, singing, faking excitement. you don't see that on the show. they go like this. >> all skills that are used. >> publicity stunt probably, generate some ratings and keep it alive. >> a lot of female viewers will be happy to see it. >> finally cracked the glass ceiling, jason. did it after all these years. >> what's take 2? >> this is unbelievable. so there is apparently a bridezilla on the loose, leaked on gawker over the weekend that a bride apparently has basically set a lot of ground rules for her bridesmaids, and first off saying, you know, you have the chance to opt out if you don't want to be a brides maids, but if they say -- she basically says a couple of things here. you all have a big role in this
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wedding so before we continue i'll be setting some ground rules. very important you read and think about everything through before you accept this honor to be a brides maid, and she said if money is tight and you can't afford to contribute to say the bachelorette party or won't be able to afford a dress, then l and myself don't have time to deal with that. >> she takes a tone. >> talk about bridezilla. >> a bit of a tone. >> a bit? >> the letter is hilarious. >> it is. >> because she's so tough. just not suffering. if you can't show up, if you can't afford a gift, not going to be there, you need to tell me by wednesday if you're going to be a bride, so it's really hilarious, her tone but you do understand she wonders if you're going to say you're going to be a brides maid you should commit and i understand -- >> are you defending? >> no. >> this woman is out of control, in my minute. >> i would respond with undescribe. asking them to be in three
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separate states, and i love my favorite part. if you can't do this whole fitting thing, we'll work it out. work in some sort of a system. if you can't fly in for all of the fittings. >> doesn't have time to wait around for your responses, if you don't respond right away. >> your fault is always on you. >> by the way, respond. >> some would-be bridesmaid had the last laugh because it ends up on gawker. >> leaked to gawker. >> these people already knew this woman, right? brides ma bridesmaid, they know what she is. maybe it's not a surprise. >> have you ever met anyone that was a bridezilla or gone to a wedding? >> never dealt with a bridezilla situation. been in a bunch of weddings. >> thank goodness i haven't. fortunately i've been part of their weddings, all been amazing and very low key and this is like taking it to a whole new level. >> groomsmen don't speak to each other like that. hey, bro, here's a wallet, thanks for being in my wedding. a little different for brides.
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>> take 3 is affleck's apology. ben affleck sideswiped a car over the weekend and apparently knocked off the rear view mirror. this happened in los angeles. no driver around so good old ben did the right thing and left a note on the windshield. hi, i knocked off your mirror. very sorry. will cover everything. ben, and he left a phone number. i think it's a number -- >> which wasn't his. >> a publicist. >> exactly. that's good. >> nice guy. i like him. >> why are we surprised when celebrities act like human beings? what did you think he was going to do? >> i knocked the mirror off your car. you can kick my academy award. >> i was going to say let me play devil's advocate. >> would he have done that if the paparazzi wasn't there? you would want to believe yes. >> of course he was. >> he was there with his kids like a couple hours later. he's a dad. would totally do the right thing. >> would i have him sign my rear view mirror and put that on ebay. >> great. >> there you go. >> can knock my rear view mirror off any time.
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>> what's our bonus? >> in case you missed it earlier, michael phelps, started playing golf a little while ago. in scotland over the weekend playing in a tournament. this is 17 seconds long. that's how long this putt was. 153 feet. that's basically 50 yards. >> is it going to go in? >> all downhill? >> it's downhill. >> so, wow. >> did i mention he just started playing? >> he's got 18 gold medals. >> wow. >> whoa. >> he's beating me at a game i've been playing 15 years. i haven't even gotten close to that. >> the longest putt in history. >> it was televised. >> yeah. >> that's pretty impressive. >> he's good at everything he touches. >> unreal. >> look at him. >> it's upsetting. >> hey, world. >> he's like i'm going on tour. i'm joining the pga. i'm just that good. >> something most of us never experience. too far away and the ball disappears, assume a bird took it away. >> especially downhill, forget it. lost cause. >> oh, man. >> jason kennedy, thanks for hanging around. >> appreciate it. >> good luck on the spokes modeling gig.
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prevent acid all day and all night for 24 hours with prevacid24hr. this morning we're kicking off "go healthy" week, nbc universal's initiative to inspire us all for better health and wellness, and today what you can do right now to get healthy. do dr nancy schneiderman and jay bauer join us. five tips, changes you can make, that you'll both come up with. the first thing, nancy, top five, simply get moving. >> people don't like exercise.
9:18 am
not everybody can go to the gym every morning so every hour on the hour at a desk job, get up and walk. it cuts down on the risk of heart disease. park away from the store. use the steps. simple things that a generation ago people did. just put movement into your day. >> also you say drinking tap water. >> i'm a big believer in tap water. most municipalities have very safe water. our kids are not getting enough flouride for their teeth now because everybody is using the bottle water. get over the bottled water. >> save some money. >> and when you go to the restaurant they will suggest bottled water. ask for plain old tap water. >> next, take a baby aspirin daily what. are the benefits of this? >> this is a caveat. talk to your doctor. i believe in baby aspirin for me because i have a little bit of heart disease. we know it cuts down on cancer of the colon and risk of heart disease and most strokes. however, it's not for everybody. but for most people, at least consider it. >> okay. you also say we all need to take
9:19 am
more time to be in the moment. >> i learned this from my child. we learn most of these things from our children. i was in the backyard with my son charlie a good eight years ago. simple thing. a butterfly landed on a bush and charlie said, that's today's gift. and i thought in that moment -- >> i love that. >> -- these kids see things that we don't so i take a moment every day to either hear something, smell something or see something and let it be. because we aren't in the moment enough. >> and the last -- >> it helps us. >> the last tip -- sorry to move you along, ladies, want to make sure we get all your tips. time for sleep. >> sleep is the new sex. we talked about it. don't get enough of it. >> i'm for that. >> we don't get enough of it, and there are times you think do i want sleep or do i want exercise? i would argue that sleep is restorative and will put years on your life more than anything else. >> absolutely. >> okay. joy, let's move on to diet, and for those of us who haven't had
9:20 am
breakfast yet this morning, what do we start with? >> grab something with protein, an egg, yogurt, even a string cheese and we know protein in the morning wakes us up so you're going to feel more energized. it's good for weight loss as well. the second thing starting at lunch, you want to incorporate a produce item into each and every meal, so that could be a banana with breakfast, it could be a handful of baby carrots with your sandwich at lunch or sauteed spinach or broccoli with dinner. anything goes. we know that vegetables and fruit will increase automatically the health quotient of any single meal. >> and the more color, the better. >> absolutely. >> mix it around. >> go to the grocery store and these are things to load up on. >> go to the grocery store. top tier, make sure you have reduced-fat cheese that will either say part skim or 2% milk or reduced fat. it's very, very versatile. you'll save yourself some calories and saturated fat. >> okay. >> the other thing is a bag of
9:21 am
baby spinach up there, packed with nutrition and bell peppers, loaded with vitamin c which is important for the immune system. >> people have to wash that. people still have to wash that. don't put it right in your salad bowl. >> canned beans and canned salmon for the omega-3s. >> and pink salmon. >> put it in your desk drawer, so good for you. >> and when it comes to the freezer, vegetables, frozen vegetables are just as good for you as the fresh stuff. >> nuts, put them in the freezer, too. >> they are great in the freezer, crunchy and delicious and frozen berries, great in healthy batters like pancakes and muffin. >> ladies, you can seep talking all day and we can take your tips all day. we've got to go. nancy sniderman and joy bauer. coming up, how do we handle
9:22 am
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> it is is going to be chilly but for the most part quiet. clouds will be thickening up into the afternoon. there's a chance for rain in the evening and tonight. during the day, it should be fine. average high is 69. -- 59 pretty close to 70 on
9:29 am
david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and...
9:30 am
better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. >> e.t., phone home. >> well, that very long distance phone call was placed 30 years ago. can you believe it? i mean, i still remember going to the movies and watching that. we're going to be celebrating that milestone with one of the stars of the blockbuster "e.t., the extraterrestrial." henry thomas who played elliot will be here. savannah and i both had a crush on him. loved him. >> still do. >> willie geist probably does, too. >> if i look a little tired this morning, i was watching "e.t." last night on cable. seen it a thousand times. i always watch it if it's on. >> and we always cry. >> the very thought of it this
9:31 am
morning has the both of you dabbing at your eyes. >> went on the bike and crossed the moon. so good. >> i love that movie. >> pretty excited about that. what else is coming up? >> well, coming up this morning, we'll take a quiz, i'm told. my first time doing this on the proper social ed death in some pretty awkward situations, and we know natalie needs a little -- >> one of our favorite segments around here. >> we're expertslú in awkward social situations, yes. also coming up, inspiration for a sweet halloween, creepy cupcakes courtesy of the women behind "d.c. cupcakes." we'll show you how to decorate like a pro. >> they do look good. >> a programming note, the band from dup lynn known as the scripps will perform in our studio tomorrow morning. love forward to it. let's get a check of the weathert( from maria larosa in r al this morning. >> a little chilly. in the alone, from new york city to oklaú2h city, temperatures are not just below average but in a few cases setting records
9:32 am
so that's going to be an issue this morning from the south into the northeast. a few cold showers and through the mid-atlantic, places like charlotte and into norfolk is going to feel pretty raw and miserable. showers back into the northeast tomorrow and another quick moving system into the great lakes could bring showers, but they will be rain showers this time. if you're looking for the sunny, warm weather, got to head out >> and that's your weather. >> thank you, maria.
9:33 am
>> separate the two of you on this "e.t." thing. >> acting out parts of "e.t." >> i'll be right here. >> what we're dealing with this morning. >> can you handle it? >> coming up, how well do you handle awkward situations, willie? >> i get out of the way. >> what about dorky co-hosts, how do you handle that? >> learning on the job. >> that after commercial. >> a quiz after this. ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing. ♪ amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪
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now i use one tankful a month, and she may use about two. it drives like a sports car. it handles very well. people are a little surprised that a hybrid zipped by them the way that i do. [ male announcer ] see phil's story and more at the camry effect. camry from toyota. social dos and don'ts, with the presidential election coming up, what's the right thing to do if a political argument breaks out at a party, and is it ever okay to ask if someone has had a cosmetic procedure? i think i know the answer to that one. we tackle these issues and from. the "new york times" column "social cues" and is here with a
9:37 am
cue. >> i brought some sticky stuff this morning. >> give them all to handle. >> you can handle them and bring it, willie, because these two play to win. >> question one, i'm giving my husband a 40th birthday dinner at a nice restaurant and inviting his family and close friends. but lately his brother and best friends are fighting like cats and dogs over the presidential campaign. i want this dinner to be fun and about my husband. not politics. should i exclude one of them? >> no, absolutely should not. invite them both. both important to your husband. if they can't get through a 40th birthday dinner without fighting about the election, shame on them. >> i agree. >> could you call them just beforehand? >> i would make the phone call and say ground rules no, politics at the party. this is all about 40. >> i think we've got a little give them a little proactive -- >> counseling. >> head's up. one of the thing that's drowning
9:38 am
my in box at "the times" is fights breaking out over politics, and if we can't learn to listen to people respectfully, we've got a big problem. >> don't talk about it at all. can't talk to each other respectfully. >> unless you're a talking head on a cable news show, be polite. >> they are not always polite. >> we can definitely do it, if we can be respectful. savannah and i could. natalie and i could. willie, i don't know about you. >> gets a little heated. >> now we'll move on to chatty bosses. i work for a boss who tells me everything about his personal life, finances, relationships, vacations, cars. i've had it. can i do anything to make this stop, or do i have to put up with it because he's the boss? ps, he's also very sensitive. they are always very sensitive. >> that's uncomfortable. >> i don't know how you broach that. >> part of the job, to listen to his personal stuff. >> when he starts talking, go to
9:39 am
the blackberry, go to the computer. >> rude. >> a little passive aggressive. >> and maybe over time. >> i say reverse the role and start making your own conversation and make him feel so awkward and insecure about the whole thing. >> like how far would you go, natalie? >> so much more devious than i am. >> the roles, completely -- let him know how it feels. >> how about that? >> how about this? i love your "i love lucy" situation but how about this. how about we go -- how about we say, you know, i love talking to you, but i've got a problem. i can't finish my work, or something like that's getting in the way of work. >> so the direct approach? >> you think. >> no. >> i feel like that's irreparable damage to the relationship. grin and bear it. >> this is a tough economy, and it's finally, finally the unemployment rate is coming down. do we really want to send it up because we were honest with our bosses, probably not? >> okay. >> good point. >> question three. >> we're convinced, you win.
9:40 am
>> my boyfriend and i were having a quiet drink at a neighborhood bar. a couple came in with a newborn baby and toddler, at the bar. we were horrified but nobody said anything, not even when the toddler had a meltdown. should the bartender have thrown this family out? >> that's on the parents. >> i've seen this before. >> not the bartender's role. >> bars,gzjjt)qj in bar. >> don't bring the baby into the bar. push the big bugaboo stroller into a crowded bar. i don't get if. >> some expectations of adult zones, right? >> probably. >> would you talk to the bartender, would you go up to mom and dad, what would you do? >> repressive. >> i mean, i'm just shocked that parents don't realize and first of all put themselves in that situation. when your kid is having a meltdown, i as a parent feel the need to like, okay, let's get out of here right away so i don't know if there's a way to kind of gently walk by and feel like, gosh, i can't believe the kids would bring the parents to the bar. >> again, she goes passive aggressive. we really know you, natalie. we know you.
9:41 am
>> i would avoid. i would leave and go to another bar. hit all the bars. >> there's a third option, ask the bartender for a shot of bourbon and put it in the bottal  the baby. >> you stay off my bar stool i'll stay off your swingset. >> time for one more? >> sure, yes. >> okay. question four. i'm pretty sure my sister-in-law who lives across the countryf'ms had botox. no wrinkles. she looks great, and i'd like to ask her about it because i'd like tos7 my husband thinks i should keep my mouth shut. you? >> i don't think you should ask have you had botox, but could you say, you look so great, what's your skin regimen, i want to cope you and see if she offers it up. >> if she offers it up. >> does your skin regimen include injections to the forehead? >> cut to the chase on this one. unless you see the needle going into the face. >> öright. >> do not mention injectionables. >> back channel it, ask your sister, husband, do it that way. >> but a compliment is a good
9:42 am
way to go. >> thank you. >> a little stroke and then the slap. >> more adventurous and passive aggressive. >> i think i passed my maiden. >> you fail. >> no. >> more questions for you. >> should probably get -- >> we're seeing you for the first time, and we like it. >> philip galanos, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be back with more of "today" after these messages. we were enjoying our empty nest. and now it's just a nest full of laundry. lucky underwear. we were going through so much of that bargain detergent... and the clothes didn't look as good. but since we switched to tide, we use much less. their clothes are looking much more...uh... what's the word? clean? employable. [ female announcer ] one cap of tide gives you more cleaning power than 6 caps of the bargain brand. [ mom ] that's my tide, what's yours?
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>> this morning on "education nation today" an innovative day care program. the first two years of a baby's life offer a short and invaluable opportunity to stimulate learning skills. "today" contributing correspondent jigier checked out one approach that focusses on the early important learning years. >> a level playing field is what single mom wendy moreno wants for her two boys who were attending what she called an inadequate day care. >> if they didn't want to color or do nothing, they would make them watch tv. >> they pretty much waived tv all day long. >> watched tv all day long. >> many children spend a lot of time without having anyone talk to them, without being picked
9:47 am
up. >> reporter: psychologist diana rouners is looking to change this dangerous pattern and starting early within the first 1,000 days of a child's life. >> we do need high quality early education setting, not just so moms can go to work but more importantly so these children can develop the language skills, the behavior skills, the social skills that will allow them to be successful. >> she developed an innovative education system called educare, a year round school that serves the community's most vulnerable children starting at 6 months of age. >> this is a time when education needs to be as rich and as supportive as possible because so much is going on. >> reporter: the head of the center for early childhood education at harvard university has new research that shows how neglect in the first few years of life can actually change a child's brain forever. >> so when a child is getting almost no stimulation, the brain starts to kind of lose its
9:48 am
architecture. can you see some of the connections actually wither away and you can get death of brain cells, and the result is a brain that is less well wired for learning. it's socially and culturally foolish to allow this to happen, right? this is not about everybody ending up the same. this is about everybody starting at a level playing field. >> reporter: which is exactly what the boys got when their mom signed them up for educare, making a choice that she thinks has reshaped their future. >> they have learned a lot. i look as my son, and he's doing everything. he's talking, he's walking, he's saying his numbers. he knows what he's doing. >> reporter: does that make you feel proud as a mom? >> it did, and it makes me feel good. >> reporter: these boys may have started off at an academic disadvantage, but now they are ahead of the game. for "today," jenna bush hager, oma omaha, nebraska. >> and when we come back, spooky treats for halloween.
9:49 am
the "d.c. cupcakes" ladies are in the building, but first thi t
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," delicious desserts. how to make creepy cupcakes for hole beans. sisters katherine kallinis and sophie la monteague of "d.c. cupcakes," showdown, a little bit of siblings rivalry and their new book is called "sweet celebrations." >> good morning. >> you're going to put us to work this morning to show us how to do the decorations. >> two recipes from our cook book, easy to do at home. add half a cup of your favorite halloween candy to the batter
9:52 am
and bake it inside the cupcakes and they melt beautifully inside. >> do our signature swirl. >> i'm not really good with one of these things. >> start in the middle and go around and a burst of pressure. >> okay. >> and that's the best i can do. >> and we'll put a fudge spider web on. >> fewer fudge in here. >> use a squeeze bottle. if you don't have a squeeze bottle, use a ziploc bag and cut a tip >> go down straight and then across and cut each quadrant diagonal. >> the trick is going fast. >> a little less wobbly, and once you have all your quadrants itap the lines. do an outer one and inner one. >> perfect.
9:53 am
>> you can tell who is the pro and who isn't. >> okay. >> that looks good. >> and a little spider on top. >> one more layer. >> by the way, this is an orange butter cream frosting. >> for halloween. the recipe is also in the cook book and we have our monster tie dye cupcakes so fun to make at home with the kids. take your vanilla batter and divide it into four. add color into each one and layer it in your baking pan so a little bit of red and a little bit of blue on top, a little bit of green and a little bit of yellow and bake it in the oven and out it comes looking like a tie dye cupcake. >> that's great for a kid's party. so fun. >> use any color food color, purple, pink, whatever your favorite color is. >> and decorate as a monster. >> take some fandant and use a cookie cutter and roll t.cut out large circles to cover the
9:54 am
cupcake. >> and then we'll make the face. >> you'll pipe a circle around, do the circle around. two eyes, a nose and then four piping tips for teeth. >> that looks great. >> i'm trying. >> and we like to put little german berries on for the nose. >> that's cute. >> and for the eyebrows we like to cut up black licorice and give them scary eyebrows. >> make theme evil looking. >> and it will stay on. >> and you'll let it set. >> and fun jelly beans, different colors. >> all around. >> all around the circle. >> i'll eat the jelly beans as i go. >> it's a crafting day, willie. >> yeah. >> come have fun. >> you're good. >> baking and crafting together. if they tell me what to do, i can do it. >> you want little scary
9:55 am
eyeballs. >> there's a baseball theme. yankees versus the red sox helping you out. >> jason varitek from the red sox and at the end of the episode tomorrow, there's a big surprise ending. >> very big. >> you have to tune in to find out. >> ladies, it's great. thanks so much. katherine and sophie, thank you. >> do some quality control over here. thanks, ladies. coming up, kathie lee and hoda after your local news and weather. >> thank you.
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